Seasonal & Limited Release Beer

Seasonal Beers

Our sea­son­al canned offer­ings are avail­able in canned 6‑packs and in our Brewer’s Bun­dle 12-packs, while sup­plies last. 

Check with the Tast­ing Room for avail­abil­i­ty of beers.

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Cucumber Wheat

Cool, crisp cucum­ber fla­vor bol­stered by a pale wheat malt back­bone. Sea­son­al­ly avail­able April through September.

5.2% ABV

Strawberry Kiwi Blonde

The ultra refresh­ing thirst quencher is here for Spring and Sum­mer. We took a high­ly drink­able blonde ale and added juice from straw­ber­ries and kiwis to cre­ate a beer you won’t want to put down. This fruit for­ward blonde will pour with a pink hue, trop­i­cal aro­mat­ics, and fea­ture a sweet fin­ish. Grab this sea­son­al offer­ing while you can and enjoy it with friends under the sun. Sea­son­al­ly avail­able dur­ing the Summer. 

Pair­ings: Brie, Fruit Sal­ad, & Cheesecake

5.2% ABV • 15 IBU • 4 SRM

Vanilla Caramel Amber

This beer’s autum­nal fla­vors are cre­at­ed with crys­tal malt and Mada­gas­car vanil­la beans. The caramel notes in Vanil­la Caramel Amber come from a large amount of Crys­tal malt in the grain bill— no oth­er caramel or oth­er sug­ar is added to this beer. The base beer is a tra­di­tion­al Amer­i­can Amber with a good help­ing of hops to bal­ance out the sweet­ness of the vanil­la. Sea­son­al­ly avail­able Octo­ber through March.

6.0% ABV

Annual Beers

Out of Stock • Tap­ping Date 10/30/2021

Hop Zombie Imperial Red IPA

Behold the beast. Hop Zom­bie is Lone Tree Brew­ing Co.’s most antic­i­pat­ed release of the year. It’s a com­plex, bold IPA that’s deep red in col­or with rich malts bal­anced by huge hop fla­vor and aro­ma cre­at­ed by many dif­fer­ent hop vari­eties (sourced from the Pacif­ic North­west and New Zealand). Hop Zom­bie is a beer brewed to bring you back from the grave.

9.0% ABV

Out of Stock

Triple IPA

An IPA that push­es bound­aries. Mas­sive amounts of hops, sourced from all parts of the globe, con­tribute a bal­anced bit­ter­ness with an equal­ly stur­dy grain bill that show­cas­es the extremes of the style. A beer we’re proud to release to cap off our brew­ing season.

Sea­son­al­ly avail­able in Winter.

11% ABV

Branching Out Series

Meet Lone Tree’s crew of small-batch, spe­cial­ty beers. These brew­house exper­i­ments began as draft-only offer­ings, and through pop­u­lar­i­ty hit pack­ag­ing. Lone Tree pre­vi­ous­ly bot­tled the Branch­ing Out Series in 22 oz. bombers. Check with the Tast­ing Room for avail­abil­i­ty of beers.

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Golden Berry Ale

This bel­gian gold­en strong ale is a tra­di­tion­al style with a twist. We added rasp­ber­ries and black­ber­ries to cre­ate a boozy sum­mer beer that drinks real smooth. This beer may be light in col­or but it packs a punch with fruit flavors.

Sea­son­al­ly avail­able in the Summer

8.0% ABV • 25 IBU

Out of Stock

Horchata Stout

Tra­di­tion­al milk stout with cin­na­mon & chocolate.

Sea­son­al­ly avail­able Win­ter through Spring.

6.0% ABV

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Pineapple Sour

Pineap­ple Sour is a bold, tart, ket­tle soured blonde ale fin­ished with real pineap­ple purèe. Sit­ting at a com­fort­able, ses­sion­able 4.5% ABV is bal­anced with just enough sub­tle sweet­ness to keep you reach­ing for more.

Sea­son­al­ly avail­able Spring through Summer.

4.5% ABV

Out of Stock

Cranberry Saison

Bel­gian Sai­son with all the cran­ber­ry fla­vor and just a hint of tartness.

Sea­son­al­ly avail­able Fall through Winter.

8.5% ABV

Out of Stock

Winter Warmer

A tra­di­tion­al British old ale spiced with cin­na­mon, gin­ger, nut­meg, all­spice and clove.

Sea­son­al­ly avail­able in the Winter.

8.4% ABV

Hoppy Little Trees Project

This beer series rep­re­sents Lone Tree’s love affair with hops from all over the globe. Each beer of the series has includ­ed dif­fer­ent hop vari­eties, from old world to exper­i­men­tal vari­eties. This series is avail­able on draft and in canned 6‑packs in lim­it­ed batch­es. Check with the Tast­ing Room for avail­abil­i­ty of beers.

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Juicy IPA

The per­fect blend of hop­py and juicy fea­tur­ing a unique process of Bio-Trans­for­ma­tion with Ida­ho 7 hops along with a two day Bra­vo Dry Hop. This IPA will give you all the hop fla­vor with sub­tle bit­ter­ness, meant to be enjoyed with friends.

6.5% ABV • 55 IBU

Out of Stock

Simcoe IPA

This sin­gle hop IPA fea­tures Sim­coe Hops with strong cit­rus aro­mas of grape­fruit, pine, and herbs fol­lowed by a pleas­ant hop bit­ter­ness mak­ing this a high­ly drink­able, full fla­vored IPA.

6.5% ABV • 70 IBU

Out of Stock

Centennial IPA

This sin­gle hop IPA fea­tures Cen­ten­ni­al hops, which boasts aro­mas of cit­rus and pine. A pleas­ant hop bit­ter­ness bal­ances out this high­ly drink­able, well-round­ed IPA. This is the sixth beer to come out of the fresh year-round rotat­ing IPA series and the first of its kind to be released in cans.

6.8% ABV

Out of Stock

Tart IPA with Lime

This drink­able, West Coast-Style IPA com­ing out of the Hop­py Lit­tle Trees Project has more than 500 pounds of Key Lime to cre­ate an abun­dant tart kick. Cas­cade hops pro­vide flo­ral and cit­rus notes to bal­ance out this zesty IPA. 

6.5% ABV

Out of Stock

Hazy IPA

Strong aro­ma from Aza­c­ca Hops and oth­er spe­cial­ty blends pair well with the Amar­il­lo, Huel Mel­on and Motue­ka dry hop. This IPA is to be enjoyed fresh and with good friends. 

6.5% ABV

Now operating at 100% capacity

Updated May 14, 2021

Per CDC guidance and Governor Polis’ recent press conference, Lone Tree Brewing Company is now operating at 100% capacity. Fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks in our brewery. Please call us at 303-792-5822 if you have any further questions.

Global Can shortage

During these difficult times, many obstacles have emerged and currently the brewing community is experiencing an aluminum can shortage. We at Lone Tree Brewing wanted to let our fans know that we are working hard to keep beer on the shelves. However, you may notice some of our cans will look slightly different than they typically do as we utilize cans from many irregular sources. Rest assured, the beer will remain true and we will continue to provide quality craft beer to our community.

Many cheers to our friends!